Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hear Dat?

Good morning, Sunshine!
Just a note: I am functioning on Nyquil Day, Motrin, Tamiflu, and some wonderful cough medicine with hydrocodone :)

Last night was Daryl's pool night, so I got some great footage of Mia and I trying to entertain ourselves until bedtime. The camera came in very useful.

This morning, during breakfast, Mia heard the sound of the crazy wind trying to break into the house. After a huge gust:
she would say 'hear dat?'
yes, what was that?
oh, an elephant. what's he doing?
'singing'...among other answers :)

For breakfast, I made rice cooked in milk until super soft, then I added honey, cinnamon and a touch more milk. It's easy on the stomach, and it's what my mom fixed me when I little and not feeling well. 'Someone' painted the table with her breakfast and when I asked her who made the mess, she blamed it on a grasshopper!

The grasshopper did it

Later, we found Clarise. Clarise is Rudolph's girlfriend. Now, I put up all the holiday decorations up right after New Years, but couldn't find Clarise until now. Mia was soooo happy when I gave it to her again. Clarise now lives in the Loving Family doll house, and sleeps in the crib. Make no mistake NOT in the big girl the CRIB :)