Monday, January 14, 2008

Party at Izzy's ~ The PRINCESS Floodgates have been Opened !

Mama Courtney & her Izzy hosted the coolest playdate this morning. It was all about dressing up like a Fairytale/Story Character. Mia dressed up like a butterfly. She was soooooo cute. Izzy was Belle from Beauty & the Beast, and had a costume change half way through the playdate. She was then Princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Cousin Gwen came as the cutest little pirate and even said Arrgh! Mia's pal Sarah was Barbie as a butterfly princess. Skye was Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. Ava wore pj's with all the Disney princesses on the front...she came complete with tiara and scepter :) Gabriella wore a fancy party dress with a Princess Aurora necklace that sang like Aurora did in the movie. Do you see a Princess Pattern forming?!?! Ryland came as himself...I think, and David was Spiderman.

We got there right on time, but the others were late, so Izzy and Mia got some time to play on their own. Izzy's scrappy little dog is also named Mia :) The was the sweetest dog, and Mia loved her. Apparently since our try at skating last week, Izzy has been looking forward to hooking up with Mia. I think the older girls gravitate towards her because she's little and they like caring for her. Izzy and Sarah are around 3 1/2 years old.
Izzy wanted to play tea party with Mia, but Mia didn't do it quite right, so it was off to the doll house, but Mia still wanted to play tea :) Then off to Izzy's room to play with her stuffed animals...all except the ones Mia kept picking up. They were Izzy's favorites, so she went and put them in her mama's room for safe keeping :) It was sweet how Izzy had plans how they were going to play, but Mia's not that experienced in one on one play...she still does a lot of parallel play. Then everyone got there and the party rocked. Izzy has this cool kid karaoke thing that had 2 working microphones and a camera that hooked up to the TV. Mia was beyond mesmerized with seeing herself on the screen. She sang a little of her lolly lolly song, but was more interested in looking at herself. There was much play outside on the playscape. It was such a gorgeous day and all the kids played in perfect harmony :)
Some sweet video


Andrea said...

Oh, what fun! I wish we could have gone. If there's another in the summer, I'll be there.