Monday, January 14, 2008

Ita's here!!!

My mom drove up from the valley and arrived here Friday evening. She's moving in with us until she sells her property in the valley, and buys a home here. We're so excited to have her here...especially Mia. When Mia saw her Ita and Max (my moms dog) at the front window, she squealed with delight!

Saturday, my sweet husband had to work pretty much all day. Mia hung out with her beloved Ita while I took lunch to Daryl and ran all sorts of errands. Compliments of Ita, Mia now has a car seat for Ita's car, a mattress that fits her Ikea bed...mattress found at Ikea. Also found at Ikea were a new quilt and duvet set for Mia's toddler bed. Mia thinks they're nice and all, but is still hooked on her crib. Daryl and I have decided to let that ride for a while. She's happy and safe..why mess with that?!?!
After errands, Mia and I took Ita over to Katherine Fletcher Park in the neighborhood. It was a beautiful day, but just a tad chilly. We played with pebbles, slid down slides, swung on swings, played in the sand and had a picnic lunch until it was just too chilly to be out. Even with a thick sweater and gloves, Mia's poor nose was red and cold. It was a short but sweet perfect introduction for Ita.

Yesterday, after a huge breakfast of eggs, bacon and homemade biscuits, we drove out to Mills Pond to check out the ducks. This also was Ita's first time. There were the regular duck, but also a whole flock of northern puddle ducks wintering in our pond. Obviously wild ducks, they didn't come to the call of stale bread, and all the local ducks were so full, so we just feed the bread to the fish we couldn't see :)
While Mia napped, I was able to steam clean the downstairs. It was a labor of love. The carpet is so fluffy and clean now. I don't even want to talk about how dirty the water was when I was done. I think Daryl has a little devilish streak to him. While I was cleaning the carpet, he kept walking through it, and it really bugged me. His shoes were clean and all, so I just couldn't figure out why it bugged me so. Knowing it bugged me, he had a bit of fun with me..teasing to walk all over the living room. Then I realized that he was messing up my 'lines'. You know, those lines that show the the carpet has been cleaned...sort of how some men are particular of the lines they make when mowing the lawn. Once I figured it out, and I realized how OCD that was, I gave him free reign over the carpet :)

Since Joe and Gwen had been coming over the last few Sunday afternoons to play, they had us all over to their house yesterday afternoon for the Cowboy game. Even thought the Cowboys lost because of an interception in the last 9 seconds of the game, we all had a fun time. Melissa made some yummy crock pot chili. Once Gwen stopped trying to hug on Mia, and Mia realized that Gwen wasn't trying to maim her, they all settled in for a good play. Melissa's brother, Pete, was there, and he played with Mia so usual. After dinner, Melissa broke out the snowflake stickers and then the real fun began. Mia, Gwen and Melissa were covered in stickers when it was over. Mia even stood still long enough for her cousin Gwen to place a sticker on her nose. Good Times :)

On a side note, Daryl has taken on teh responsibilty of teaching Mia how to dress and undress herself. So far, she's managed to make herself look like Cornholio the Great.

Duck pond

Sticker fun


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