Tuesday, January 15, 2008

We made some new friends today :)

Last night before dinner, Mia rifled through her dress up box and found her tiara, a feathery velvet purple skirt and gloves. Oh, we can't forget her butterfly wings! Mia wanted them all on, and when she was all fancy, she turned to me and said 'princess'! I had to take her downstairs to show her Dada and Ita. I think Dada loves having a little princess :) This morning was spent at Julia & Chloe's house for a fun playdate. We played with Juliet & Blake, Martha & Bethany, Liesl & Andrew, Carolyn & Naomi, Old pal Taz & her Sophia and 6 month old baby Bella, Sandy & Tyler. Chloe had an incredible spread of quiche, sausage croissants, a meat & cheese plate, watermelon, goldfish, blueberry muffins.... It was all so crazy good. Ask Mia, she tried everything....so did I :)

Ya know, going to playdates I've come to realize that Mia has a bunch of toys, but not compared to Chloe! She has a huge Princess castle in her playroom and so many other toys, that I no longer feel like Mia has too much. She's got the right amount.

Mia drove her first car today. She was super sweet in it, but wasn't sure how to get it to go since it was on thick carpet that made locomotion hard. Blake didn't have a problem scooting around...he just went backwards :)

I hadn't seen Taz since she was pregnant with Isabella, and now Bella is 6 months old! My time does fly. She excitedly asked me what we were up to, and I wasn't sure how to respond. I just said oh, playdates, swim class stuff like that. She seemed a little disappointed in my answer, but I'm not sure what I was supposed to say. When you sum up what Mia and I have been up to, it gets foggy. We're busy every day, but nothing seemed monumental enough to mention. Taz has a new baby, and is trying to get Sophia in a Mother's Day Out program. She always talks with so much energy, maybe that's all it was. Just made me ponder a bit like Pooh...think think think :)