Monday, January 7, 2008

A Drum Roll, Please.....

Today Mia went pee pee in the potty!!! Not once, but TWICE!!!!!

Since hanging out (and watching them on the potty) with almost fully potty trained Isabel, and potty trainer in training, Livie...Mia was been MUCH more interested in her potty. Like Lori says, there's nothing like peer pressure :)

The day before yesterday she sat on it once for about 5 min...a great introduction. Yesterday, it was 2 times for about 10 min each, and today 4 times about 20 min each, and the last two times, she pee pee'd in the potty!

Now, it's been MIA'S idea to sit on her potty. I asked Sarah how it worked at their house, and Isabel just sits there while they read books and play...then off when she requests or is 'done'.

So, we have a few books and a magna doodle by the potty for entertainment while waiting. Mia prefers her Elmo potty book, Llama Llama Mad at Mama, a shape book and an alphabet book...and her magna doodle of course. It's really a fun bonding learning time for Mia and I. The world stops while we're in that bathroom.

When she pee pee'd I got so excited, she was amazed as to what happened, then got pretty excited, too. We wiped, flushed, washed hands... the whole 9 yards! Then we went out to the living room and did the pee pee song and dance...'Mia went pee pee in the potty, pee pee in the potty' to a conga line beat :)

I called Ita and Nana with the great news. Ita was excited and oh so proud. Nana was on the phone in a meeting, so I talked to Paw Paw. I was a little embarrassed I was making too big a deal of it all, but he hooted and hollered, too. I LOVE him!

You'll be happy to know, I don't have any pics or video :) I'm off to order another potty seat for the upstairs bathroom. Our little girl is growing up so fast!!!!


lltanderson said...

hoooray for pee-pee (and now poopy, too!) on the potty! we're doing our potty song and dance over here!!