Sunday, January 6, 2008

Super Birthday Saturday!!!

Lori, Sarah and I met up at California Pizza Kitchen at the Domain for a birthday lunch in Lori's honor. Her birthday was on Oct 31...yes, Halloween!, but she wasn't in town, so we waited till after the crazy fun of the holidays to meet up and celebrate a fabulous friend.

We chatted and ate and laughed and ate and ate and ate...starting of with the garlic cheese fogyish with checca because we couldn't decide on our entrees, then we each had a salad ...I had the Miso Salad with shrimp, then we split their Margherita Neapolitan pizza yummmmmmmy!!!! And if we weren't full enough, our super cute server made sure Lori got her red velvet cake instead of the regular birthday Sunday. Mmmmmm red velvet cake :) Happy Birthday Lori!!!
After our hugs and goodbye's I got home in time to get things together for Blake's family birthday. Juliet wanted us to meet her family and keep on sharing in Blake's birthdaypalooza. Plus, she and Daryl hadn't met.
Oh, we had fun. There was a house full of people and some of Blake's cousins. Alexandria and Andrew were so cute. Alexandria mostly hung out with Juliet's 11 yr old daughter, Monique, but little Andrew was around hanging with Blake and Mia. Blake really likes his Leap Frog ride-on gift from Mia :)
There was tons of food, and little miss Mia played with Blake until she spied the cupcakes on the counter..the girl is getting tall! Then she just hung out there saying 'cupcake, cupcake' until she heard Juliet talking in the other room. Mia followed Juliet's melodic voice in search of cupcakes. She finally scored one, and was satisfied.

After a fun time there we went back home for some rest. Then I got ready and went over to Cheng Chen's to celebrate her birthday!!!! 4 birthdays in 2 days!! Juliet asked me if hosting or attending parties was harder. Well, hosting of course. She let me know that I may have gone to 4, she HOSTED 2! I love her :)
Oh, now she's telling everyone, and has given me permission to as well. She's PREGNANT!!!!!!! It's a girl due Sept 1st!!!! I told her I knew an awesome mom that makes amazing diapers. It took her a while and she was a little sore, but she finally got that I meant HER :)
We all had such a blast at Cheng's party. There was fabulous food, champagne (non-alcoholic for the pregnant mama) and we all had a great time chatting. A few super close friends of Cheng's were there, and I recognized a couple from Phoebe's (Cheng's daughter) birthday party, Juliet, Liesle, Esther and Melissa were also there. So there was much talk of pregnancy, and our past lives and wishes. It's nice to be able to relax and talk about anything.