Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Off to a great start!

This morning Mia and I slept in till about 9 :) Then we snuggled in our bed and read books until she was ready to try the potty. She pee pee'd & poo'd. Yay! Mia!!! It's what's going on over here, I can't help it. After all that excitement we got ready and headed out for our Social Mamas Playdate at Chick fil A
We hung out with our pals Juliet & Blake, Martha & Bethany and met new friends Kathy and her two awesome kids Julian and Clara. Bethany & Julian are almost 3 while Blake and Mia are around 2. Both ages were well represented. Baby Clara is only a few months old, so she stuck with her mama while the kids went wild on the playscape. Mia followed Bethany's lead and went up a few flights, but really enjoyed trying to climb UP the slide with Blake. There was this little pod the kids could get in with 2 wheel they could use to 'fly' the pod. Mia loved it, but wasn't into sharing. When Blake wanted to join her, she whacked him! Not hard, but a few smacks to deter him. That wasn't nice, so Mia was promptly removed from the situation.
Blake and Mia also had a fun time rearranging all the shoes in the shoe bins. Mia does love her shoes :) After a lot of playtime we all went back in to the restaurant for some lunch. Mia was ok with her chicken (she used it primarily to scoop up ketchup) and her fruit, but LOVED the watered down lemonade. Mia was also into everything Juliet had around her. She even took Juliet's honey mustard sauce and put it in her own chicken box. Sneaky little girl! After a good chat and lunch, we hit the playscape again. Then we were gone in search of a nap. The 1 1/2 hours there wore Mia out. Me, too, so I think I'll go take nap while I have a chance :)