Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Eve Party @ Krista & Shane's

From the top: Lauren (Brandon's gfriend), Brandon, Kayla (BJ's Gfriend) & sweet Loren

With the snapper off at her Nana & Paw Paw's house, Daryl and I were free to party..once he got home from work. We got dolled up...Daryl got dressed...I got dolled up, and we hit Krista & Shane's New Year's Bash. I hadn't been to their home since their wedding (I was a bridesmaid), and they've done such amazing things. The place was beautiful, homey and comfy. It always helps to have a gorgeous pool table in the front room along with a full size Ms. Pacman/Galaga arcade game.

Diane & Marquis

We had a wonderful time hanging with our friends...They broke out Call to Duty on the Xbox 360, and Marquis let me be read the text while he was sniping and trying not to get mauled by wild dogs.

Nick watching his Gayani play

Shane had recently spent 45 minutes in a magic store, and had come away with a great trick. He took his drivers license and made it spin and float in mid air. It really was a good trick, and he was so proud of himself. I adore that he still has fun on his terms.

Shane the Magic Man:

Me and My Grrrl, Krista

We left a little early because Daryl had to work the next day, so we made it home safe and sound. Then we got all comfy on the sofa and watched the ball drop together. I love that I get to give the rest of my New Year kisses to him :)

The Sweetest Couple in the World