Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm a floater!

Yesterday, Mia hung out with her Ita all day so I could get some stuff done. I got all the stuff I needed for her parties, and hit the outlet mall. Then, I went to my appt at Zen Blend.

Zen Blend is a business run by mama friend, Kristi and her husband. Kristi is a massage therapist, and along with massage they offer the use of a floatation tank! THAT'S what I was there for. I've had countless massages, but that floatation tank was something that's very hard to describe.

Kristi explained all the ins and outs, then I was alone to shower (to remove any oils from my body and hair) and get in. It's a tank about as wide and long as a pool table, and as tall as a small car. It has one large door to get you inside. The water is about knee deep, but it's full of 800 pounds of Epsom salt! So, after my shower, I inserted my earplugs..water tight, and climbed on in. When I shut the door it was pitch black. They do have an underwater sounds system that you can choose to use and I did. I picked some relaxing Japanese flute music. Even with the earplugs in and my head in the water, I heard it all perfectly.

The water and air in the tank is your exact body temp, so it's hard to distinguish yourself from your surroundings. That's the point. Nothing to disturb you at all. With all that salt, my body just floated on top of the water. I floated and thought and floated and didn't think. For a while, my brain was completely quite....that's something that NEVER happens. I lost track of time and didn't care. When it was over, I was so relaxed. My whole body felt new, and not 'compacted' by gravity and the weight of the world.

After a nice shower, I got dressed and met up with Kristi downstairs. She had water and tea waiting for me. They don't let people drive directly after a float, and I can see why. This is something I recommend for those who love massage and for those who don't. You get all the benefits of bodywork without anyone touching you. It was fabulous!

No pics, but here's her website:
and direct floatation tank info:

Oh, I got to hang out with my honey at pool last night. Daryl is playing in a pool league again! Yay! He stopped a couple of years ago when I was very pregnant. Now that everything is under control, he's joined his dad again in a league playing at Click's South.

A little info: I met Daryl while he was playing in a league with his dad, brother Joe, and friends Shane & Steven. It's something they all enjoy so much, so I'm so glad he got back into it. I loved hanging out with them last night. I got so see some old friends, watch my sexy husband play pool and hang out with pal, Krista who showed up to watch her honey, Shane play. We was filling in for a guy that couldn't play, but will join the team once they start playing North again.

Bob, the league leader mentioned that I should try to get into the 4-man league starting in 7 weeks up north. It's a slightly lower caliber league, but I'd be able to learn from some players and beat others...something that is very good for my confidence. I used to fill in with Daryl's league, but I always got creamed. Krista is toying with the idea of forming a team with me. We got a table last night and shot around a bit. Yeah, we need some practice, but we had a ball!


Andrea said...

I've had a massage by Kristi and is was phenomenal. Didn't try the tank, but perhaps next time I will. My mind chatters so much, that I don't know if I'd be able to enjoy the tank. Guess I need to see, eh?