Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Creative Cool Collages

Old pals Lora & Liam opened up their home for a bunch of toddlers, their mamas, and a big ole mess! It was a create a collage playdate with some of the O' Mamas.

First the kids snacked on yummies like cheese, mango, dried pineapples and crackers. Then they played for a while. Once Mama Lora was set up in the kitchen, the kids joined her to stir up some glue. They each had their one spoon and really enjoyed stirring and stirring. There wasn't even that big of a mess on the floor. All the girls were on task while cutie Liam wanted to close the pot with his lid.
Then I think it was more playtime in the other room. Sweet Sarah tried to coax Mia into the tent with her, but Mia had other plans. All the kids played so very well together. One big hit was little 3 month old Gavin. Big sister, Ava, made sure he was ok. Dawn was such a smiley mama today :)

Back to the kitchen for shredding fun! Lora brought out all this wrapping paper saved from Christmas for the kids to tear and shred. They had a WONDERFUL time! They shred and shred and shred, then had a ball throwing it up in the air and screaming as it came down. Mama Anjalika started that bit, and Mia just LOVED it and couldn't stop laughing. We had to let the kids settle down a little bit after all that excitement, so they played in the living room until it was time to glue and stick. Sarah & Mia really gravitate towards each other. Sarah, always looking out for Mia, gave Mia a brush to get started with. Little Anika joined in the fun, while all the other kids had their own board to paste and cover.

Mia loved spreading the glue, but she wasn't so much into sticking the colored paper on, so I did that part for her. I started to take the brush from her so she could do the paper part, but I pulled back and remembered 'it's not the product it's the process'. Mia went to town doing whatever pleased her, and I pulled out my camera to keep myself busy so I wouldn't get up all in her kool-aid! that even included letting her eat a copious amounts of homemade glue (salt, sugar, flour and water). The kids created such beautiful collages, and when we held the finished products up, they all seemed rather proud of themselves.
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