Wednesday, January 23, 2008

See Ya Later, Buddy!

Mia received many wonderful gifts for her birthday, but one we could have done with out was a cold & cough. Poor sweetie has been so snotty this week, and that means we've both been house bound :( Mia's been staying in her PJ's all day...they're warm and we weren't going anywhere. I wasn't up for MNO at the Melting Pot on Monday, we had to reschedule Mia's 2 year well check appt with her Dr, because she wasn't well, and ya need to be well in order to get your shots. Yesterday, we missed a playdate with Liesl & Andrew. Today, we missed going to Ready, Set Play with our friends in the Tots group. She hasn't run a fever or anything, just snotty with a cough, but I don't want to get anyone else sick, or to make it worse. Tomorrow, we have Mia's first solo swim class scheduled, and she should be well enough for that...I hope.

Even though I pulled out my mom's full-spectrum light...for SAD therapy, I was still feeling a little blue. With not being able to get out, my allergies still lingering, and it being so damn gray and yucky outside, what's a girl to do? I posted my blueness on the O' Mama site and got lots of ideas and love from them. I seems that some other mamas are feeling blue too. A few minutes after posting, I received a phone call from pal and now fellow O' Mama, Sarah. Isabel was also getting over a runny nose, and they'd been housebound too, but the best part was that they wanted to play and were willing to travel! Yay! A sicky playdate!!!!

We spent a wonderful couple of hours hanging out, catching up and watching our two girls have fun with some of Mia's birthday gifts. Isabel was mesmerized by seeing herself on TV...LIVE. The chalkboard (thanks Ita) was a huge hit, as was the play house (thanks Nana & Paw Paw), the M & D music set (thanks Krista & Shane), the dollhouse from mama and dada (thanks 5 yr old Valerie who sold it on craigslist), and the green rocker I got at ikea last year. Mia loved it at the store, but hadn't touched it at home. The Bell LOVED it! The girls took turns reading a story with sound buttons. Elmo's Potty Time is a hit because of all those cool sound buttons.

We had a nice lunch...Sarah brought some yummy pasta for the girls, and Sarah and I made sandwiches. Mia shared some of her breakfast french toast with Isabel. It's pretty messy to make, so when I do, I make a bunch. The Bell had had pasta a couple of times this week, so she was very open to the french toast. So, our house was pretty much a buffet...breakfast, Italian, sandwiches, and potato salad from Rudy's (thanks Dee & Tom...we finally finished BOTH tubs of potato salad....we also used pickles & onions on the sandwiches..absolutely NONE of that TON of food you brought over for Mia's birthday dinner went to waste!) :)

When the girls were ready for their naps, Sarah and Isabel said bye, and Mia was out for a couple of hours. That wonderful nap was brought to her by Isabel :)

Oh, the reason for the blog title 'See Ya Later, Buddy!': Daryl loves teaching Mia new words and phrases, so the word of the day was BUDDY. When I or someone leaves, she usually calls out later alligator. Tonight, when Dada went out to play pool, Mia waved to him and said....see ya later, buddy :) Tooooo freakin' CUTE!

FINALLY! A friend to play with!!!

I've noticed when Mia concentrates, she sticks her tongue to the side Isabel does, too :)Awww monkey love

Isabel ROCKS!