Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Blake!!!!

Birthday Boy Blake

Friday, one of Mia's dearest friends, Blake celebrated his 2nd birthday, and we were there. Blake had around 20 little friends over, and they all brought their mamas, so it was a full house. I finally got to meet Juliet's husband, Krinken. He was so super sweet and running around grilling hot dogs and burgers in the cold (he even put the lighter back so Juliet found it easily when it was time to light Blake's candle), cleaning up spilled coffee, and helping Juliet out with whatever she needed. They were a great team.

Juliet made some of her super sneaky cupcakes. She added pumpkin puree this time, and they were simply delicious. Ask Mia who followed Juliet around, knowing she was the gateway to the cupcakes :) All the kids and mamas found a spot on the floor and we enjoyed a birthday picnic. Mia, Blake and Gwen got to sit at his picnic table :)

Juliet and Krinken's birthday gift to Blake was a super cool train set with table and everything. It was very popular with the kids as was Blake's 4-wheeler that we recived for Christmas. Blake and Mia were not sure about it, but Roarke and Gwen had to battle for turns :) train table fun

The kids all played very well together. It was a fun, carefree birthday blast! Happy Birthday Blake!!!!

Gigi with her eyes on Juliet's chips