Sunday, January 13, 2008

duck water is delicious

My very good mama friend/neighbor, Jillian, is pregnant with their second child. Kayli is going to be a big sister!! Poor Jillian is going through the worst morning sickness ever. She was severely dehydrated Friday, so her wonderful husband, Steve, took her to the ER for a few IV bags of liquids. While all that was happening, Mia and I got the pleasure of hanging out with Kayli on Friday.
Kayli digs Mia's tiger
Kayli is almost 17 months old, and a pure joy. Mia and she have been hanging out quite a bit, so they play very well together. While she was here, she feel in love with one of Mia's tigers. The girls played, had lunch, and Kayli took a long nap in Mia's crib. This left Mia cribless. I tried to put her down in her big girl bed, but since Kayli was in the room, that didn't work. We tried mama & dada's bed, and that didn't work. So, Mia went napless until Kayli went home. Kayli was here for about 6 hours, so Mia and she got a lot of playtime together :)

Mia diplomatically offers her hippo for the tiger...DENIED!

On to the duck. Mia's uncle Joe, auntie M and Gwen gave Mia a duck for Christmas. Mia made sure he had a little 'pond' to swim in... in the form of Niles' water bowl. She had a great time, and even said the pond water was delicious :) YUCK!

Duck pond

Once Daddy got home, we all went outside to grill some burgers and play in the sand box. In the drainage ditch behind our house, was a random cow. Mia was very excited, and I think Daryl needs an update on his glasses, because he couldn't tell the difference between it's head and hind end. Mia found the moon and decided that when there is only a sliver showing that the moon is 'hiding'.

The cow that didn't jump over the moon...because the moon was hiding

Duck pond

Cow & Moon