Monday, January 7, 2008

Sunday ~ What a FUN Day!!!

Sunday morning I spent running errands while Daryl and Mia hung out together doing what they do. I was home when she woke up from her nap. We went through her dress up box and she picked out a silver sequin skirt and pink fairy/butterfly wings. She wanted 8 pony tails in her hair, but happily settled for 3.

When we went downstairs to show Dada, Uncle Joe and cousin Gwen were here. They came over to hang out and watch the game. Mia, Gwen and I had fun time. They sat on little blue pillows for snack & story time. Then they explored Mia's new doll house. Gwen was especially interested in rearranging furniture. Future designer? Then they got the pots and pans out and make quite a bit of noise.

When Cheerios were dropped, Mia and Gwen helped clean them up, and then before going from one activity to the other, they kinda cleaned up a little, too. Mia while singing 'clean up, clean up everybody everywhere, clean up, clean up everybody do your share'. We've been signing that forever and it really motivates her and she has fun while doing it, too.

Jillian, Steve and Kayli came over for dinner. We asked Joe to call Auntie M to come over, but it went straight to voice mail. Maybe next time. Daryl, Joe and Steve talked shop while the girls all played together. It was fun. Then Joe and Gwen gave out their hugs and kisses and went home for dinner.
Daryl grilled some Shiner brats, but the skins were so freakin tough! I'm glad we also had tamales, baked potatoes and black beans. This was their first time over for dinner, but not their last. After everyone finished up, Jillian and I watched the girls while Steve and Daryl played the wii. Then it was our turn. Jillian kicked my butt at boxing!!! It was a fun ending to a fun weekend :)