Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I got the flu and I'm not sharing!

It hasn't knocked me on my butt or anything, but I've lost my voice, my throat feels like hamburger fresh from the grinder, and my head doesn't feel attached to my body. Wish I could feel my head, but not my throat.

I went to the most fabulous doc around because I feared I had strep. Nope. It's the flu. I told him I came in for strep, not the flu and he had better start working on customer service and give people what they want instead of passing out a flu verdict. One thing I can say about Dr Vik is that he has an amazing salt water fish tank in the lobby. It was any unusually long wait...2 hours, but it was fine because of those great fish and little crabs running around the bottom of the tank. Mia dug them, too :)

So we're now quarantined. One great thing...from so many great things...about having a sorer that hell throat is that I really think about what I NEED to say vs what I WANT to say. I want to say a lot. I usually do. Now, cut down to the essentials, there really isn't that much to talk about. Hmmmm 'look, Mia, see the train out the window' and writhing in pain vs. sitting quiet and realizing that Mia can either notice the train or not. She won't be held back a grade for it.

Before all the symptoms kicked in (late last night), I had a hair appt to get to yesterday. Since I missed my regular Sat appt (I'd rather not say why...but my mom now knows not to get herself lost around the new toll roads right before her daughter needs her to babysit) a few weeks ago, yesterday at 2pm was my first chance at an appt for 3 months. So, I asked my sweet SIL, Melissa, if she'd be up to watching both her own toddler and mine. She was so up for it. Yay! We all win in that situation. I love with Mia gets to hang out with her Auntie M and Cousin Gwen without me being there to direct everything.

Well, I know have a head full of color and no gray. I was supposed to go in for my free in-between-haircuts bang trim today, but after my Dr visit, I had to cancel. Are bangs still bangs if they touch your lips?

Speaking of new looks, here's a snap of Niles in his fancy new sweater.

Mia's napping now, but before her nap, I was on the sofa waiting for my medicine to kick in. I looked over at Mia watching Diego the Explorer. Apparently Diego cares for my sweetie when I'm not feeling well. He's great if you ever need him. I'd give him an excellent reference :) We don't watch much TV, but it sure does come in handy when I'm not feeling well.

Here's my baby with the far away eyes.


Hill Country Blogger said...

Boy I know that look. Same that Shannon gets when Dora is on TV.