Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy birthday baby...

...Baby Mia!

Since our Mia's a couple of years older, we lovingly refer to Kiwe & Tom's Mia as Baby Mia. We met Baby Mia a few days after she was born...delivering a hot meal to the new family. Well, we just fell in LOVE. How could there possibly be a kid as cute and lovely and charming as our Mia? Baby Mia perfectly represents the adorable Mia's in the world.

Soooooo, this afternoon, we broke out our boots and rode on over to their place for a Cowgirl Birthday party for Baby Mia and her pal, Hadley (in the first pic below)...also turning one. They girls wore the cutest matching eyelet dresses with pink rickrack and embroidered horse shoes...oh, can't forget their little pink and white boots. PRECIOUS! We brought along Mia's black cowboy hat in case her friend Roarke wanted to wear was passed around and most of the lil ones had a blast with it.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Orion!

Orion, our little friend, turned one! Yes, that makes him One-derful! Sara, Russ, Leilani and more of the family and friends celebrated the birthday boy on Thanksgiving morning...perfect way to say thanks for this sweet lil boy. Linda, Sara's mama, went all out with a super cute monkey theme. Monkey puppet craft, song with other monkey puppets '5 lil monkeys and a crocodile', a bean bag throw game with bananas and a hungry monkey, CUTE monkey cupcakes and an AWESOME goody bag with more monkey paraphernalia including a Orion's Monkey Mix CD loaded with monkey songs! She used to be a pro party planner...and it showed!

Too much fun was had by all...can't even write down half the stuff, so the next time you see me, just ask me all about it!

Orion got a gluten free pie and after a little help blowing out the candle, he dug in. Then, the rest of the kiddos had their cupcakes. It's interesting to see how many different ways kids can eat cupcakes....and then there's Sam. Oh, that Sam and his cupcake...then his brothers. You MUST continue through the oodles and oodles of photos for that yummy messy series below.

And then there's Sammy!

He takes the cake...literally.

Some of my faves from the day

if you still need