Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wobble like a duck

Every Fall, Mill's Pond get some visitors from up North. Mia's always excited about going to the duck pond to see the regulars, who like to get fed, and the snow birds who stay in the middle of the pond. Wild. Wild ducks. Mia showed me how to 'wobble' like a duck, then asked me to join her. So I did.

While, feeding the ducks some stale popcorn, a pair of rather aggressive geese came over and tried to peck at Mia's feet. She said 'NO! Those are MY feet you can't EAT them!' Quickly back on her feet, she went off in search of more peaceful territory where we ended up finding a friendly squirrel who was more appreciative and less demanding of our treats.

She ran and ran and ran...until, she fell. Fell HARD. Then she ran and ran and ran some more!


Christina said...

I LOVE her hair up like this! what a cute series.

LA said...

I love those pics....Beautiful!

Sara Ballard said...

she looks a bit like a snork, I love it! the squirrel is my favorite... I have no idea why. The rest are fab, what a fantastic day at the pond.

Anonymous said...

Oh such emotion :)

Great pictures

Joanna said...

All of these shots are so wonderful. It looks like she had so much fun. Great, great series!