Thursday, November 13, 2008

oh, the things you will learn

There's been much going on at Casa T. Last week, Domi had a day off from school, so he helped his Mama out with the kiddos. They LOVE him! They made Royal Icing together for the sugar skulls for Dia de los Muertos, they iced the skulls and then read a story...Head to Toe. Mia loves her alone time with books, as well. They also explored cascarones and the confetti found inside and tended to the garden. FUN!

Another thing that's been happening is a LOT of potty practice. The kids are on and off the potty quite a bit! Andrea relayed a funny little scene from the other day. Mia was on the little potty while a little boy classmate was on the big toilet. He very frankly said...almost sang, 'I have a penis'. Mia felt she had to answer his bold statement with 'I'm a girl'. Now, we haven't really talked about those body parts mainly because Mia hasn't shown an interest yet. She knows about private body parts that she calls her 'pribacy'.

So last night, while in the bath, we discussed the differences of pribacies between boys and girls. Here's our convo:

Mama: Mia, remember when he was pee peeing on the potty and he said he had a penis?
Mia: yes, I'm a girl.
Mama: you ARE a girl, so you have a vagina.
Mia: a bagina?
Mama: yes, girls have Vaginas and boys have penises.
Mia: oh. you have a bagina?
Mama: yes and daddy has a penis
Mia: PawPaw has a penis?
Mama: yes, PawPaw is a boy, so he has a penis
Mia: Nana has!

I laughed HARD for until Daryl ran upstairs to see what was going on. I replayed our penis/vagina conversation for him, but for some reason, he didn't find it as funny. Maybe it was because we were talking about HIS Mama's buffalo! :)

all the following shots taken by the amazing Andrea at Casa T


Anonymous said...

A buffalo??? Classic!!

anja said...

gotta love the buffalo! She is sooooo cute. I love all these! So gorgeous. Casa T is the best. I love your Mill's Pond pics ALOT. You have an amazing eye..

Andrea said...

When I got the part about Buffalo, I laughed out loud (literally). Assure Nana that the only reason Mia probably came up with the word buffalo was probably because there's a buffalo in From Head to Toad who raises his shoulders. Nothing to do with baginas.

Tee hee hee...