Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008 ~ recap

Totally forgot that we hit another pumpkin patch a couple of weeks after visiting Sweet Berry Farm. The line to purchase pumpkins had been sooooo long, that we just blew that Popsicle stand! Here we are at the Red Barn's pumpkin patch in town. It was nice and relaxed... Mia was thrilled to pick out a few gourds for the Fall table at Casa T :)

Full out Halloween started the day before Halloween at fellow O'Mama, Bethany's place. She co-hosted a SPOOKY bash with Jennifer. They went all out and it showed! The kids had a blast trying to bite into apples hanging from a tree...a non-watery way to bob for apples. Jennifer amazed us all with her face painting prowess. There was a bean bag toss to knock down tombstones, a SPOOOOOOKY snake pit and Haunted room...plenty of treats to go around. There were plenty of yummy and scary treats. I totally enjoyed carving a brain out of a melon! There were bags of 'baby vomit' and 'bloody bags of vodka' (jello shots) for the Mamas. Mia stood by the snack table beggin for candy corn. Special thanks to all the mamas that made her happy :)

Here are just a few of my faves...there are LOTS more HERE

Halloween morning, Mia and I were out of the house pretty early to get to Old Settlers Park for the Annual Round Rock Fall Festival. We learned last year, that the early bird get the worm..and doesn't have to stand in long lines for games! Mia had the BEST time. I LOVE that all the games are run by city workers. They were so patient and silly with Mia. They let her get wayyyy to close while trying to toss rings on witch hats, bean bags through fish mouths...balls at bowling pins. One nice fellow even helped Mia golf. While stacking cookies until they fell down, Mia really concentrated, and then grabbed the stack before they fell down! Toooo cute! She really enjoyed the tour of the fire truck and the hayride. It was sooo nice to run into buddies Ryleigh (a fairy pixie) and Isabel (a spooky ghost). They got tattoos together :) It's such a wonderful event, we've added it to our Halloween holiday traditions.

Here are some of my faves....and LOTS more HERE

Trick or Treat....smell my feet! Time for trick or treating. Mia had me call daddy to ask him to hurry up and come home from work. She wanted her kitty costume on as soon as she woke up from her nap. She LOVED the makeup nose and whiskers. As soon as they were applied, she bolted to the bathroom mirror for a long look. This girl LOVED being a kitty cat! Daddy finally got home, and before he could put his keys down, she'd grabbed her treat bag and was pulling him out the door! It was a little early still, but this kitty couldn't be stopped. We stopped at our super cool newish neighbors first. Mia was their first trick or treater EVER. They were as thrilled as she was. Mia insisted on carrying her own treat bag, and when it got too full, she just dragged it behind her. Between houses, she was able to play a little hopscotch :) At the end she wanted 4 candies, but we'd already agreed upon miss sneaky kitty chose a pack with like 8 candy corn in it...super smart, and they are her favorite.

A few more trick or treating shot can be found HERE

Yes, it was Nov 1st and Halloween was over, but there was one more party to hit. Daddy dressed up as a 'bam-pire' with teeth and all, Mia was a kitty again, and I, a witch. The Hoech's hosted a super fun and remarkably full event. There were prizes for best kid and adult costumes, spookiest dish, closest guess of a jar full of candy corn. They had a spooky boat ride across their pool, bobbing for apples, candy necklace making, Halloween magnet making and karoke! Jennifer's daughter Chloe won the kids prize as a dead bride, Bethanie's hubby won adult prize for his Rhino costume and I won spookiest dish with another melon brain! Mia stalked the M&M bowl, and after eating some real food (pizza and bat wings) she got her much coveted cupcake!

For a few more shots, go HERE

So, since Mia is VERY aware of how much candy she looted, we needed a plan. The Candy Fairy to the rescue. Before bed, Mia emptied all her candy into a bowl and put it outside. In the morning, she had found that the Candy Fairy did indeed visit and traded her candy for a cuddley teddy bear :)

Happy Happy Halloween!


Andrea said...

WOWOW! You've been busy! And what a recap indeed!

Love love LOVE the pics. You're very good at documenting things. I feel like I was there! =)

Andrea said...

And the bloody bags of vodka!

I want one.

Anonymous said...

Oh your picture taking is amazing!

Looks like you had a good time.

Christina said...

Goodness! What a LOT of halloween fun going on around those parts! it all looks great, and your pictures are fab. Mia is too cute as a kitty (N was one last year!), and your melon brain is awesome!

Jennifer Hoech said...

Again, awesome pictures. And I am so happy to see one of Chloe as the dead bride. I forgot to take a picture of her last night :( It was fun and wish to do it again next year! and I don't know why but my brain wasn't working last night, I loved that your DH was a vampire and you had the bite marks on your neck!

Stephanie said...

You had a very busy Halloween!! I LOVE the third shot from the top of Mia. When did her hair get so long??? We need to get together...I miss you!

anja said...

wow! what a fun post! I have been out of the loop for years it feels like..blogging moves fast.

Your lil trimp is adorable..bless bless

All that halloween fun is amazing! I love the halloween pictures...Amazing memories for sweet little snapper kitty...this section will be so fun to print out in your book, eventually.

love you and your sweet family.