Wednesday, November 26, 2008

All About Red!

Melanie and her Damon hosted an art playdate that focused on the color RED! We wore RED shirts, ate RED food, and painted with RED paint! Mia even got to wear her diablita shirt :) Last month she hosted the ORANGE playdate :) Well, before the rest of the kids got there, Mia and Damon were finished painting and ready to play was a GORGEOUS day. Who could blame them? So, they all played and snacked and painted and played while the mamas got some good chat in.

Then Kona, Damon's shepherd mix puppy (huge puppy) opened the door to the room she was in and came down to join the party. The kids were in LOVE with all her friendly licks....especially my little animal lover, Mia. It was sooooo hard to drag Mia away from that sweet playful dog and her sweet friend, Damon, who was kind enough to have us over and let everyone play with all his cool toys!


Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you and Mia today, as always! Love the pictures! The one of Mia on the swing looks like she's on a trapeze. I'm totally in love with the photo of my big boy.

Anonymous said...

These are great shots! I think I found your blog through a few others I read and I have to say I adore the way you mix and match your processing within a single post! I find that I get stuck on a certain look and most likely limit the possibilities of individual images.

I adore the one of her through the trees, standing with the tangled swing. It really spoke to me - about how tangled swings become the other stressful things of adulthood. But then to see her beautiful arabesque-ing just two shots later...exquisite!