Friday, November 7, 2008

Rituals, Volcanoes and Erf ~ Three playdates this week

We celebrated Día de los Muertos on Tuesday with Lucy, her Bruce and some friends. Lucy had a beautiful alter set up for flowers, the pictures of our deceased loved ones, and special foods they enjoyed when they were living. We, of course, brought some biscuits for my Dad, or Mia's Ito. She's never met him, but has heard plenty of stories all about him. It was a lovely way to remember him and bring him into the forefront of our day.

Then it was playtime! The kids were everywhere and really enjoyed themselves.

On to the VOLCANOES!!!! Courtney and her Izzy and Emmy hosted a super awesome science playdate at a park. The kids molded homemade play dough into the shape of volcanoes, we helped them dump in loads of baking soda, helped them mix vinegar and the food color of their choice...then the kids poured the vinegar in and WOW! Out it came the lava!!!!....bubbling, fizzing and smoking! It was soooo freakin cool! The kids...and adults did it over and over and over again!

Babies Emmy and Kristopher were there, much to Mia's delight. She's VERY into babies lately...well, one's growing in her mama right now. The Dr. Sears books are very helpful explaining what babies are all about on a toddler level. Mia really digs them.

To planet Mia calls our lovely Earth. Erica and her Joey and Anna had us over to learn about our solar system. Erica explained some stuff to the kids, but more importantly explained to me just why Pluto isn't a planet any more...actually, it's a dwarf planet :) Thank, Erica! The kids had fun gluing their planet Earths and cotton to the blue atmosphere, then they added stickers of the other planets...and silver stars! Super COOL!

Mia actually asked Courtney 'may my mama please hold baby Emmy?' Mia got much Emmy time today, and they both just LOVED it!

this final sweet shot was taken by Courtney...miss Emmy's mama


Andrea said...

You were busy this week! What fun playdates. And great pics too!!

anja said...

busy busy..what fun times. love the solar systems project and lava that actually comes out!!! Super cool..!

Anonymous said...

awe! I love erf too :)