Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

After Friday's nap, Mia and I braved the cold wet weather for the sake of our nearly bald dog. Since his haircut, the cold has been very hard on him, and he just shivers and shivers. So, we went to Petsmart in search of a sweater that fit, was warm and fit his personality. He's a refined sort of a pooch. We scored a green argyle sweater, and he honestly loves it. After Petsmart, we hung out and jumped in rain puddles for a while. We try to take advantage of the puddles rainy weather brings. Mia jumps and splashes and I point out bigger and better puddles. I got her back like that. Once Daryl got home, he took his lovely ladies out for dinner. After Mia did her hair, of course. We really dig Red Lobster. They are INCREDIBLY kid friendly, and make a kids baked fish with broccoli and applesauce. Fish is something I don't cook, but am so glad she loves to eat it. While waiting for our table, Dada hung Mia up by her toes, and then Mia hung out by the lobster tank while an employee took one out to show the kids. It was pretty cool. Saturday morning, we had a yummy breakfast at Antonio's then Mia and I hit the park while Daryl went to the office to get some work done. In the afternoon, sweet Daryl watched Mia while I went shopping. I scored two pairs of the cutest shoes! Yay me! Mia went to bed early, and the guys came over for a game of poker. I only played an hour then I hit Krista's birthday bash. It was great hanging out with girlfriends, and beating guys at pool. Meanwhile, Daryl was at home taking every one's money. He ended up being up by $90 when they counted out.
This morning, we hung out at the house, and painted outside while Daryl ran some errands. All I can say is that it started on the paper....Then after a bath and Mia's nap, we hit the park again.

This time I ran into Jill. A good friend from the Gymboree days. She was there with her husband Spencer and their daughter, Abigail. They guys played with the girls while Jill and I caught up. It's amazing that we hadn't seen each other in a year, but were able to pick right up with ease. She's awesome, and is now planing on joining some of the Mama groups I'm in. That makes me happy :)
While at the park, we tried getting Mia's kite up in the air. It was a gift from pal Isabel and it ROCKS! It's a goldfish. How cool is that?!?! Mia loved it, and I tried to fly it, but when we almost decapitated 2 kids and a dad, we packed up and hit the road. We ended up at the soccer fields by our house, and man can that goldfish fly. It made Mia...and us sooooo happy. Thanks Isabel :)

My little girl

Title: A Study of Primaries Plus Green
Artist: Mia
Medium: tempera on paper and skin

At some point Dada clipped 3 balloons to Mia's did NOT end well. It's not in the clip, but Mia ended up getting tangled and ran away shrieking in attempts to get rid of those damn balloons

Let's go fly a kite

Music time


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