Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Roller Girl

This afternoon, Mia and I met up with some O' Mamas & their girls. Courtney & Izzy (Isabel) and Allison & Sarah. Sarah is smitten with Mia because 'Mia' is her favorite name in the whole world. Izzy is 3 and Sarah will be 3 this Spring. Mia, not even 2 yet, was the youngest by far.

Mia, Izzy & Sarah
We met up at the Round Rock Roller Rink for some skating fun. The place was PACKED full of kids of all ages. Everyone was still off for the holidays and making the most of it. They have these cute little plastic skates that fit over toddler's shoes and then adjust to fit perfectly. Izzy was ready to go in a flash, Sarah watched a little then went for it...Mia? Well, she was more interested in the air hockey game :)

Mia & Izzy

The rink had an area at one end of the rink that kept the non-skaters separated from the crazy fast skaters that whizzed by. Mia had no interest in putting the skates on her feet, so she pushed them around like cars for a while.

Mia plays with her 'cars' while Sarah & her mama, Allison go by

After a few minutes of watching the girls with their skates and seeing that their mamas didn't let them go, Mia was ready to try hers on. She loved when I held on to her hands, she let her body go limp while I pushed her around. We did that for a while, then she was done. I knew this adventure was scheduled right in the smack of naptime, but we had an easy morning, so we went....didn't last long, but we went. Mia had her first wonderful experience roller skating.

Mia's got her skates on!

Since the place was packed, and is really only open on weekends and holidays, we mamas decided to invest in toddler skates for the girls. They should fit (adjustable) until they're around 7 years old! (they'll be on her Amazon wish list if anyone is interested) ;)

Mia skates!

Pre-skating fun: