Thursday, January 3, 2008

Kids "Noon" Year's Celebration

Gwen had a fabulous time!

Mama's Elsa & Melissa co-hosted a New Year's Bash for the kiddos yesterday morning. Melissa's house was full of crazy kids!. I got to hang out with old friends and make some new ones...that's always nice :)

Pal Sarah

Mia had a fabulous time. She feels so comfy at her Auntie M's house, and has been around this bunch of kids for a while now. She hung out with her cousin Gwen for a while, then colored her shaker with her pal, Sarah. Sarah gave Mia a snowflake sticker, and she immediately wanted it on her nose. Sarah, was a little puzzled as to WHY Mia had one on her nose, but ended up wanting one for her nose as well.

The sticker twins

Mama Leah Ann, brought her two children, Liam & Allie. Allie was recently adopted into their family, so there were many rounds of congratulations! Allie had the cutest t-shirt on that said 'Sleep is for Suckers'! LOVE it!

Another new kid on the block was Aidan. He's a little older than Mia, and he was just mesmerized by the jack in the box that he called Jacqueline in the Box. He pretty much called dibs on it, and wouldn't share it at all. Not a problem, because Gwen had soooo many toys to go around, but Aidan's mama hid it on a trip to the potty. He wanted his object of obsession back, but he moved onto other things quite well.

There were bunches of snacks, but Mia and her pal, Sarah stood at the gate begging to muffins. I think Mia had about 4, and at one point she shoved a whole one in her mouth because she noticed another in my hand and wanted it!

Melissa made crowns for all the kids out of the borders that teachers use for bulletin boards. Mia's was sparkly and she loved it. Once we were done, and walked out to the car, she couldn't get enough of her reflection she found.

More pics here