Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mia officially graduated

to the next swimming level. Here are the classes we've already been through :)

Water Acclimation: A parent and child class designed to gently introduce babies to submerging underwater. The age qualifications are six to 35 months. (we did this last spring)
Waterbabies: A parent participation class for babies who are already submerging. Little ones between six and 35 months will learn eight to 10 second underwater breath control. (we did this last summer)
Advanced Waterbabies: A program for babies who have eight to ten second breath control. This parent participation class will teach six to 35-month-olds to move three feet through the water. (Just finished this one up this
Aquababies: A class for two-year-olds who are already moving about three feet through the water. Parents who are on deck during this class will watch babies increase their distance to ten feet and begin to get a breath in the water. (we start this one up next week!)

Mia did well in class this morning, but the high fives were enough motivation. So, we moved up to M&M's. Wow! I think Mia would do anything for an M&M. We rarely give her sweets, so this was a HUGE treat, and just the motivation she needed :) They handed out T-shirts and ribbons at the end of class. Mia was thrilled to get her ribbon and her shirt is of her favorite colors. Then we made a mad dash to Auntie M & Gwen's house for a playdate with the Other Mothers group. It was in full swing when we got there with Gwen putting hair bands on her toes, but we melded right in. We hadn't seen Elissa & Jake since the Christmas party, and Jasmine & Atticus since the playdate at Lachelle's and that was during the summer! Man, has that kid grown! He's such a happy little one who loves to dance, and at 9 months he cut a rug with Mia who just loved him to pieces. Speaking of loving to pieces, Mia gave Blake a few hugs and kisses today! She even ran after him around the pool table. Gwen happily got in the mix, but I just think she liked the running and wasn't too interested in the outcome. Melissa brought out the stickers, and Mia had the best time sticking one one Jet's (Juliet's) nose! We had a super fun time :)