Monday, January 21, 2008

The Snapper Turns Two !!!

Yesterday, Mia turned two, and over breakfast, Mae asked me about the day she was born. So, Daryl and I were able to travel down memory lane to the day the snapper came into the world. It was a very sweet way to start the day. We had a mellow day yesterday, Mae took the birthday girl on a nature walk, we all played with her and her new birthday gifts, and Dada assembled her new playhouse that she received from her Nana & Paw Paw.
The birthday celebration started on Friday when Mia had about 15 of her closest friends & their mamas over for a birthday playdate. Mia's Tia Mae flew into town, so she was able to witness the wonderful chaos that many kids in one room could create. We played and chatted, had snacks and cupcakes. Mia had a wild animal theme going on, so we ordered a Madagascar cupcake cake for her. Nana came up from Dripping Springs, so at one point Mia was on the sofa flanked by both her grandmas. She was in heaven. Dada came home from work early to hang out at the party, too. When he walked in the house instead of Mia yelling 'Dadaaaaaa', she looked at him and said 'Daryl'! It was so funny. I guess since my mom has been living with us, and she calls him Daryl, Mia's figured his name is Daryl.

The next morning started fast. We all got up kinda late, so we had about 30 minutes before we had to hit the road for Roarke's 5th birthday at Extreme Fun. The place is rather new, so this was our first time there. We all had a blast. Mia especially enjoyed the foam pit. She could actually wiggle around until she was buried, then would call out 'Miiiiiaaaaa, Miiiiiiaaaa' (Like Daryl and I do when we're playing hide-n-seek with her) so we could look for her. Too cute. Roarke had so many friends their. I was able to meet a couple of mamas from the Tots Learning Through Play meetup group that Mia and I recently joined. Juliet, Krinken, Monique & Blake were there, too :) After play, food and a slice of a yummy Yoda cake, we were home bound for Mia's nap.
I took a nap, too :) That was a nice treat. Then Nana, Paw Paw, Memaw, Unca Joe, Auntie M and cousin Gwen came over a little early to celebrate Mia's birthday family style. Auntie M MADE a cute little apron and bag for Mia's new kitchen. It was a lot more elaborate than I though it was going to be because Melissa is a self-proclaimed beginner. It was awesome! She should open an Etsy store :) Tom and Dee brought generous portions of Rudy's BBQ for the party that night. It was so nice to not make a single thing. Last year, I really over did it, and ended up in bed for a week.
Around 7pm all our friends started showing up. We had a great turn out. Mia even got to hang out with 6 year old Jonas. Jonas made a birthday card for Mia with a butterfly on front and a sweet little scene of a house, tree, flowers....complete with armored tank! We had a crazy fun time with everyone. Mia crashed before we were able to blow out her candles. We ended the night with a friendly game of poker, and poured ourselves into bed around 2am.

Happy Birthday to Miaaaaaaaaa.....Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuu


Hill Country Blogger said...

Awwww, so cute!

How are you guys doing? Haven't talking two years I think.

Still looking at all the cute birthday pics :)