Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I think we're done

I never thought I could sleep that much! I would sleep for 12 hours, wake up, sleep another 3... I'm pretty sure all that rest helped me get through it all. Last Friday, Mia wasn't feeling well either, so we tried to get her into see Dr. Kilgoar, but she was out sick. I ended up calling Melissa for her Dr's info and were able to get in to see Dr. Eady's NP or PA on Saturday morning. Mia didn't have anything horrible, but if it was the flu, we wanted her on Tamiflu asap. Erika was great with Mia, but not when it came to checking her oxygen levels. Mia fell and hit her head right when Erika waked in, so she was not in the mood to have some black thing stuck on her finger. Mia's breathing was a little wheezy, but after one albuterol treatment, she was feeling better. She actually fell asleep on me :)

I slept for most of the weekend, but was up to watch a bit of the Super Bowl. Mia watched it with her Dada. Yesterday, we missed a playdate with friends Allison and Sarah. We were cooped up in the house for almost a week, so I brought in reinforcements. The Busy Toddler book! We made a bed for one of Mia's babies out of a shoe box and Mia painted in Mama's big tub. It was fun.

Today we missed a PJ & pancake playdate with Andrea & Colton celebrating

Pancake Day, but Mia was up to hitting her new music class at the Clay Madsen Center in Round Rock. Ms. Renee is a super instructor and Mia had a lot of fun. There were little carpet squares to sit on, and Mia picked out a green one. We sang songs, played with drums, bells and maracas. The class was small, and something that we'll be doing every week. We had a blast.

Then after class, we stopped by Chick-fil-a to pick up some fruit and hit Katherine Fletcher park. There was this little 3 year old named Ella who Mia just adored. They played well together, but Ella was in search of many acorns, while Mia was content sitting and playing with rocks. We were out! Out of the house! My stamina is still pretty low, so we came back for lunch and some rest time before nap time.

Mia took turns sliding with her baby: