Thursday, February 28, 2008

Aunt Janice :)

Daryl's Aunt Janice (Toms' sister) was in town to hang with Memaw while Tom & Dee hit the coast (we'll be going this weekend!). She called around 4:45 yesterday, and Mia and I were in the car by 5 on the way to Dripping Springs to visit with our loving Aunt Janice. We hadn't seen each other since Memaws birthday last August! So it really was time for a visit. Of course Mia has grown and and do/say more things, but Janice was FLOORED when Mia called her 'Aunt Janice'. Apparently, when Janice was in kinder or something, even her best friend couldn't pronounce her name. That's the beautiful thing about Janice, she's so easy to please, and is always in a fabulous mood!
Janice gave me a copy of her son, Greg's, CD they cut about 6 months ago. They've been on tour for three months on the East coast. Greg's band (he's the drummer), Shrapnel, is a pretty heavy metal band, and they just rock! I hadn't heard them since we all went down to a club they were playing at downtown a couple of years ago. I can't wait to pop it in to the ole player and rock out!
Mia loved being around her. She showed Janice her box of toys in the guest room, they both picked out some choice pieces...the little radio included. Memaw asked Mia to turn on the radio and dance. That was easy. Mia's always ready to cut a rug. We all got a kick out of Mia's dancing. Memaw went on and on to Janice about how cute, smart and easy going Mia is. I've never heard Memaw describe all the things she cherishes in Mia, so it was very nice to hear.
Before we left, Memaw asked Janice if Daryl was going to stop by. No, he was at pool until late. Memaw became concerned and made Janice promise to help me get the bag and baby safely into the car...usually Daryl's' job. Wasn't that sweet?

While PawPaw's away....

After Mia got a couple halves of cookies, played with her her Aunt Janice and Memaw...she was ready to go. By then, it was 9pm! Mia was in bed by 10 quite possibly dreaming of cookies or Aunt Janice...definitely something sweet :)

More snaps HERE

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