Saturday, February 16, 2008

Elmo's House

We started this morning off right! Auntie M & Cousin Gwen came over for a visit and stayed for a little bit of breakfast and coffee...Auntie M had the coffee NOT Gwen. Well, sweet Melissa has been busy! The new baby and I each received a hand knit gift, and Mia was not forgotten. She received a little black bear from the Bass Pro Shop. Mia loves it and actually set it next to her little black puppy from the Bass Pro Shop...she's starting a collection :)

Mia wanted to take both her new bear and Barbie to, sorry sweetie, no toys in bed...but good try

Later, we went to Chipotle for lunch. Our (the new baby's, too) new to us fav place to eat. Juliet mentioned that she loves it, so we tried it out. It's fabulous and pretty healthy, too. I figure I can eat there every day if I want to, and right now, I want to!

Guess what! Dada got new sneakers! Yes, he did. He's been wearing the same NB since I met him, and he just told me that he had them for years before that. He feels so much taller in his new sneaks....amazing what a little cushion will do :) We both wanted new sneaks, but I couldn't find any I liked, Mia was everywhere, it was cold & rainy, and I was starting to feel sick...home, James!

After Mia's nap, we went to the Frank Erwin Center for
Sesame Street Live. A recommendation from Mama Courtney. We had talked with Mia about the whole thing, and on the way, when asked where we were going, she said 'to Elmo's House'...for a playdate, apparently.

Mia, happily wearing her Elmo shirt. Daryl said it was like wearing a band t-shirt to their concert...I guess she's a dork

The souvenir shops were pretty reasonable. Mia got a progam (to read while waiting for the show to begin) for $7, a Abby Cadabby t-shirt for $10, and the best deal....a ballerina tutu (like Zoe's) for $5. Not bad at all.
Mia LOVED the show! When Elmo and Big Bird first came out, her mouth fell open and she just pointed. Then said Elmo, Elmo, Elmo.... The seat in front of her was empty, so she had room and wouldn't bug anyone. She danced, clapped and stomped along with the show and all the kids in the place. I love how she calls The Count a 'big bat'.

During the intermission, Mia kept saying to Elmo 'come home, come home'. It was so sweet and sad at the same time. Oh, I think the only rip off I could spot was the Elmo balloon. It was $10! For a balloon that you could get at HEB for $2.49! The sad part was when one escaped the grasp of a child, and floated to the ceiling. A guy around us said there goes 10 bucks, but all I could think of was the very sad balloonless child.

THE $10 Elmo balloon

Daryl and I realized that Mia wasn't aware when the show would be over, so we split half way through the second half. She ran happily through the hall, and we got out of the parking lot in about 35 seconds. Daryl and I thought about it the evening while driving home. It was pretty successful, but if it wasn't for the unobstructed view, she may not have done as well. We may wait till she's 5, or until we forget and the next show rolls into town.

To Elmo's House:


Anonymous said...

OMG, how much fun she must have had! I bet she was smiles and giggles the entire time