Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Love Bugs

One of Mia's good buddies, Cole, LOVES giving hugs. He is in fact a love bug. As I'm sure you know, Mia sometimes has issue with kids getting too close to her. Maybe she has post-traumatic stress syndrome from getting pegged in the head with a sippy cup when she was only a few months old. She'll hug adults, but is very cautious and incredibly uncomfortable when kids get into her space. Not any more! Cole, the hugger, has on two occasions targeted Mia to be the recipient of his fabulous hugs. He's not fakin'. He gets in there close, squeezes (not too tight...just right) and then lingers. My honey, Daryl is a fabulous hugger...I think he gets it from his mom. Some people don't know how to hug. It's all stiff and forced. Not warm at all. Cole turned 2 in Oct and he's got this hugging thing down! Mia actually opened up, sank into the hug and gently patted his back.
Today the hugging took place at a playdate hosted by Juliet & Blake. Blake, Phoebe, Roarke and Kevin mostly played in Blake's room, so I don't really have any pics of them...only a couple of Blake and one of Roarke trying to get into Coles' action by hugging Mia, too. Mia and I mostly hung out in the living room/kitchen area with kids Bethany, Chloe, Gigi, Rebecca, and Cole & Mamas Juliet, Sarah, Stephanie, Martha, Julia and Eve. I got to chat with Eve a little more. I met her last night at an O'Mama MNO event, but we barely introduced ourselves. Today, she brought her little Rebecca along. Oh does this girl have a sweet face with FULL lips. Such a cutie. She's pretty little, so Gigi took her in and showed her the ropes...snacks :) The other love bug was Mia. She just really wanted to be by me. Not in a needy way, a very loving snugly way. We sat on the sofa and read books, snuggled, and hung out with the mamas when I got up for water. A few months ago, I noticed little Sarah really snuggled up to her preggo Mama, Allison, and thought it was the sweetest thing. Now, here's Mia doing it. She melts my heart. Oh, she was also very good with one of Blake's baby dolls. She didn't try to throw it on the floor to make it burp. She was super sweet.

I recharge so much when I hang with friends. They give me so much love & energy...I'm running low on energy lately.

The love bugs in action


Rhea said...

Cute pictures! I love the one of your daughter with the Easter hat and angel wings. Precious.

iMother2.0 said...

Thanks :) So, how'd you find us? I just checked out one of your blogs...onto the other :)

Andrea said...

I totally know what you're saying on the hug thing. I like good, strong, heart to heart hugs. Not the hugs where the receipient leaves a huge space between me and does the light tapping on back. You might as well not bother hugging then because that type of hug feels insincere.