Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's ALL about Ita

Ita flew in to town Monday afternoon, and Mia and I were there to pick her up. Since the sun was in Mia's eyes, she wore her Ita's shades on the way home. Very Vogue.

Before going home, we hit the park. Ita and Mia played very well together :) The highlights were the pebbles, swings and teeter totter.
Yesterday, Mia woke up with a runy nose and was pretty warm, so we didn't go to an art playdate at Andrea & Sophia's. Mia wasn't aware, but I was bummed. We share toys and snacks, but NOT germs. Mom ended up watching Mia while I went and got a fabulous massage with Angie at Massage Envy. I'm a member, so I get a massage every month...I haven't gone in a few, so now I have a few stacked up. I plan on going once a month and then towards the end of my pregnancy, I'll used my ones in reserve to go twice a month!
When I came home, Mia was dressed in green and said she was a frog...and proved it to me by hopping around saying 'ribbit'. Mia entertained herself with an empty box, pots & pans and a strainer. I was able to make a delicious dinner...chicken n' dumplings. (thanks Mama Heather for recommending the recipe) We all hung out after dinner. Mia brought out her guitar and jammed with her Ita. Then she took over the camera and dabbled in photojournalism. Family life ROCKS!

This morning, I stayed home while Ita took Mia to her computer class at the Clay Madsen Rec Center. Ita said Mia did a great job, and wowed her instructor with her knowledge of shapes. Ita is now psyched to help Mia along with the computer. PC games are fun, and Mia's getting the hang of the mouse. I got a cute shot of Mia coming home with her progress sheet from class.
Juliet & Blake came over to play had have some lunch. I made some tasty chicken fajita tacos while I chatted with pal Juliet and the kids played with chalk, the trampoline, watched a bit of Yo! Gabba Gabba, and explored the hat box.

Pimp Daddy Blake

Teeter Totter

box car drum

Mia & Ita ROCK!

Photojournalism 101