Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day, Mia recieved her FIRST Barbie...a ballerina Barbie. She LOVED unwrapping her gift. She's so sweet pulling off piece after piece saying 'wow' and 'what's that?'. After finally getting it open, her face was so bright. I told her it was a ballerina and she made her dance around. Sweet. Even more sweet was when my mom snapped a shot of Mia brushing her Barbie's hair while I was brushing hers.

Then Mia, Ita and I piled in the car and headed off for swim class. Since Mia had such a hard time last week, I talked about what she could expect this week. We went over walking in & checking in, getting into her swimsuit, waiting for class & possibly watching Dora on the TV, Miss Glena waving us in, sitting on her yellow turtle (her fav), me sitting next to her, swimming and singing with Miss Glena, getting m&m's, taking turns with Andrew & Brady, getting a surprise toy at the end. She seamed ok with it all...and she was! I sat a little further from her on the deck, she didn't cry once, and actually had a GREAT time. Even the other mamas noticed that it was like night & day. Miss Glena said she had wonderful breath control and very strong kickers. Ahhhh I'm such a proud mama of such an accomplished little swimmer. I'm soooooo glad my Mom was there to take pics and video.

swimming with Miss Glena
Receiving an m&m

After getting dried off, dressed and stamped (a fun stamp on her hand), we all went to the mall for lunch and a walk. Mia LOVES walking by herself ahead of us. She'd check back every so often to make sure we were still there. The had the BEST time galloping along. I think since she knows I'm pregnant, she might have regressed a little. She's been crawling lately. That's something she really hasn't done since she started walking. Later, she became a 'puppy' that crawls and slithers around the floor. Ita kept trying to tell her that the floor was dirty, but Mia didn't seem to mind at all. Oh, she has a new love for escalators...up...down....down...up. She also loved touching her hand to the passing glass. She thought that was the funniest thing.
There was this time that she did NOT listen to me when I said stop. That is a deal breaker. We sat on a bench and she had a 'break'. She was fine after that and listened very well. Wile on the bench, waiting for Ita, Mia showed me her new monster face and ballerina pose. Oh, this little girl loves to HUG. She hugged trees when we went into the mall, and again on the way out. There used to be a candy shop there, but it closed. Well, the HUGE crayons are still at the door way, and Mia hugged those, too.
My sweetheart came home with beautiful roses, Godiva truffles, the most touching card (he puts a lot of effert choosing cards), and office supplies! The office supplies were because I've been needing them for weeks and he kept forgetting them at the office :) Daryl is so awesome that he knows so much about flowers...trim stem at an angle, strip off all leaves that would touch the water, add a dash of bleach into the water (wards off mold)...he's fabulous! Oh, the best thing is that I received an adjustment from Courtney's husband..a chiropractor who specializes in pre-natal & child adjustments. Yay!
We tried to hit a restaurant early (5:30) but everything was full. We stopped of at Romano’s Macaroni Grill, and while waiting (an estimated 50 min) on the patio, we had drinks and a very tasty shrimp & spinach dip. Then we waited was warm, no seating...I got queezy, so we left. We I smelled steak cooking when we walked outside, so we drove over to The Outback (also very full), we'd decided to get something to go, then guess what....queezy. My poor sweetheart picked up Taco Cabana and a six pack. I felt bad thinking I'd ruined the evening, but he was in heaven. We ended up hanging at home with our sweet snapper...ahhhhhh what love :)
Valentine's Gift
Swim Class