Thursday, February 21, 2008

Green means GO!

I was pulled over by a motorcycle Sheriff for speeding. I actually asked him, 'are you sure it was me?'. Apparently their new fangled zappers are highly accurate. Guess what else. I hadn't changed my address on my TDL, but I did on my car insurance. We were pulled over fairly close to a traffic light, so every time the light turned green, Mia yelled 'green means GO!' from the back seat, and screamed 'STOP!!!" when it turned red. The first time she did it, it scared the crap outta the cop. It was so hard to stifle my laughter. I was nice and cooperative, so I ended up with a warning for speeding and a ticket I can have dropped if I get my address changed and submit the paperwork within 20 days. Not bad at all.

No pics of the cop making funny faces at Mia...I was tempted

Mia hit swim lessons this morning and she just rocked. On the drive over, we talked about what was going to happen...sitting on her yellow turtle, singing songs, swimming with Miss Glena, M&M's... When we walked in, Brady was sitting on 'Mia's' yellow turtle. She whipped her head around and gave me a look. She was given the blue turtle, but opted to sit on the deck sans turtle. She was amazing. She swam, she played, she laughed, she ate M&M's....all while I sat on the bench with the other mamas. It just gets better and better.

Mia climbin high with her pals Bethany & Blake

We arrived late to a playdate at Chick-fil-a, but they were expecting it...coming from swim class. Mia had fun with Blake and Bethany while I got to chat it up with Juliet and Martha. It was so nice and relaxing. Mia had a HUGE almost blowout poopie diaper. The problem was that I was fresh out of diapers. Lovely Mama Martha let Mia borrow a pair of Bethany's big girl unders for the ride home. Mia wore them all the way home without an accident. She loved them...they were covered in flowers and butterflies. Mia's really been asking to sit on the potty a lot lately. She hangs out and reads for a while, but not much else. I can't wait till she's in unders....just because her butt looked so darn cute in them :)

I wanna pinch that bootie!

Dada worked late tonight, so we hit Dr Harry's for my adjustment then Ready Set Play! I was forbidden to mess up my alignment by thrashing about on the inflatables, so Mia was on her own. She was brave and went up the big slide all by herself. She was even run over a couple of times, but she kept on truckin. She got on a couple of other ones, but really dug the slide. She went till she was red faced and sweaty, and all I had to do was watch :) One perk of being pregnant :)

Hot n' Sweaty girl clammoring to get back in
A short video: