Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What makes me think I can have two?

Really? Am I really up for this? The idea of being pregnant and having another child is very romantic. Now that we're officially PG, I'm pausing. Not changing my mind, just pausing to think about it all. I know it was planned, but I'm still stunned. Can I do two kids, keep my husband happy, my house in order, keep myself in order and happy? I'm struggling to do that with only one kid.

This morning Mia took her first computer class at the Clay Madsen center. It's called Gigglebytes and it's pretty much an intro to computers. The center has so many classes that Daryl and I decided that she should try some and she what she likes. Well, we were early so we walked down the hall, and guess what we found. A bunch of little girls all dressed up in leotards, tights, skirts and ballet shoes. Mia was amazed and was ready for dance class. Poor baby didn't like the idea of going back the other way towards computers.

The class was small. Three kids to one teacher. Ms Angela was nice, Mia met a new friend, Sophia and loved it when old pal Cole came walking in. They used to hit Music Together together. Mia wasn't sure of sitting far off without me, but did pretty well in the end. She learned what a mouse was, how to move it and click it, a little about keyboards and even what a docking station was. I didn't even know what that was.

After class we hit Katherine Fletcher park for some O'Mama fun. The only ones that braved the sunny but brisk weather were Auntie M and cousin Gwen. We had a nice chat and the kids played well. They ended up all over the place, but that's to be expected. I was thrilled to share our pregnancy news with Melissa. She's always up for a party and has offered to host a baby shower :) I heart her. After being worn out, Mia took me home for my nap. Yes, I'm still getting over the flu and my stamina sucks.

This afternoon, I was on the lookout forPC software
Reader Rabbit Toddler edition for Mia. Wal-Mart? Nope. Target? Nope. Best Buy? Nope. We found something similar at Half Price books. Well, that and so much other stuff. I now have Thank You notes, and no longer any excuse as to why I haven't sent notes out for Mia's birthday gifts.

Ok. Being a mama that's now pregnant, I wanted to show Mia that I was still all hers and that we could have a good ole time together. I had to go tot HEB, but hit Starbucks before. Mia got some
sugar milk...seriously...29 grams of sugar! This is not a snack, it's a treat, so Mia doesn't get them very often. Daryl was scheduled to be out playing pool tonight, so I wanted the extra kick of a post-noon chai. We were set. Mia was plopped into the grocery cart, and AS SOON AS I TURNED MY HEAD for an avocado, she lifted my chai from the drink holder in the cart and it splashed to the floor. A HUGE mess, but worst of all, I hadn't even had a sip yet. Big deep breath in, and re-focus on the cherublike creature that is my daughter. What makes me think I can have two?

Here are some great snaps of Auntie M demonstrating to the girls just how to roll down a hill properly. I did get some video, but it was NOT flattering, so it will never be aired...ever :)


Anonymous said...

What makes you think you can manage two kids? How about the fact that you are a wonderful mom and you will always do what it takes to continue to be so. You are the bomb! And two babies will not change that (and the and pawpaw are going to be triply happy!!)

Andrea said...

Aw, you'll do great. Things will indeed change when your new bambino (or bambina) arrives, but you'll adjust.

On another note, looking at your photos explains the grass that was Mama M's hair last night at our knitting meetup. ;)

Hill Country Blogger said...

Oh their like rabbits. You get one of the kids doing something and the herd follows along. Here's to baby smiles and soft coo's in your future! *Cheers*