Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Big Girl Boot Camp

Since I'm with child, soon, I won't be able to do some things I do with Mia. So, Mia is in training. Big Girl Boot Camp. She now gets into her car seat all by herself...I couldn't imagine trying to get that done while 9 months pregnant! She's graduated from her booster seat to a regular dinning chair. She can get up and down on that all by herself, too. Now, we'll slowly work on transitioning her from her crib to her toddler bed.
Yesterday, Xenia (my new housekepper) came over with her two kids, Aaron and Emely (that's how she spells it). While Xenia cleaned like a tornado, Aaron played with the wii and Emely played with Mia....I did laundry....lots and lots of laundry. Xenia, while not as meticulous as Raquel (my mom's housekeeper), did a pretty good job. She just missed a few things....oh, the hardship of having 'staff'. Puh-lease...I'm NOT like that at all, and you know it! :) Mia had a BLAST with Emely. She even learned how to fix up her doll house like a big girl would.

This morning, we hopped on over to new O'Mama Gale's home for a bubble playdate. Her super cute son, Che, was very hospitable and shared bubbles, snacks and his playscape with everyone. It had been a while since Mia had a chance to play with her buddies Colton, Sophia and Zephyr...they fell into things very well. Mia and Blakie always play well together. Everyone had a blast with the bubbles...even the mamas :) Gale has a disk golf goal in the backyard...I didn't get a chance to putt, maybe next time. On a TMI note: I've fallen behind on the juice, so Mia is suffering for it. Bad Mama. She produced a couple of 'rocks' there, but needed some additional help. She sat on a toilet in Che's bathroom, and a little more came out. Poor baby. I NEED to keep up with her juice. At least we know sitting on the potty gives her some extra leverage.
do you see how HIGH she's climbing now!
bubbles! Che squeezing the juice out of all the juice boxes he could get his sticky hands on, Zephyr really digging the battery powered bubble wands, Blake's little meltdown...sad, but he's the cutest thing when upset, Mia dipping her PB cracker into the bubbles then trying to eat it! Sophia swinging, swinging, swinging, and saying bubbles, bubbles, bubbles...Colton exploring the playscape, Colton and Che sliding the sliding door...over and over and over, Loren (sp?) making the BIGGEST bubbles ever!

On the way out of their home, Mia noticed a decorative fish in Gale's flowerbed, and tried to take it home! Swiper no swiping!
After the bubble fun playdate, we hit Sun-harvest (thanks mama Gale, for reminding me that these stores exist!)..Mama & Boo scored some great organic fruit...Mia scored a sparrow! The sparrow is a little on the rotund side, so squeezing it was difficult for Mia. So, she just wacked it on the cart! Hey, it worked :) Oh, while we were getting into the car, Mia noticed something across the street, and called it a robot, robot, robot! It turned out to be a statue at the Ben Hur Shriners building...Oops

Big Girl Chair

Family pics

The Mighty Inchworm

Beat the bird