Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday fun

From Nana:
Mia woke up bright and early (well...not too - it was 7:30) Saturday morning. Her PawPaw was up and dressed and loves to get her up in the morning. Mia had a nice surprise for him - his first grand-poopy diaper! :-) He was brave and didn't wake me up to change it.

Mia and PawPaw got the paper and made breakfast. I was lazy and slept til 8:30, and Mia was so happy to see me when I woke up! We played with MiMaw and PawPaw all morning and when it warmed up, we went to the Saddletree Ranch park. They have slides, swings, monkey bars, tunnels, and right across the street - horses! What else could a little girl want?

We loved her new phrases... while Mia was swinging, she looked around and kept saying "How cayute (cute)!! She pronounced it very specifically. And when she doesn't want to do something, she says "Nokay" - obviously the opposite of Okay. And Mia also now says "Can do" when we ask her to do something. Her vocabulary and speech ability have to be up around 3 - 4 years!

After the park, we fed the horses (organic fig newtons are surely a favorite but the horses looked like they were trying to eat peanut butter!) and then walked for a bit before heading home to a much needed nap.
We spent the whole afternoon outside playing in the warm sunshine. The dogs were a great source of enjoyment for Mia. They were in heaven having all of us outside and so much of Mia's attention. After that busy afternoon, Mia ate a really nice meal and then off to bed - she was exhausted! So were we!! :-)

Daryl and I got there this afternoon to join in the fun. Unca Joe hung out, too. Mia showed us how she had learned to chalk her nose. Then I got some video of her hanging with her Unca Joe and played with Bubba the monster with big teeth.

her nose is ready to play pool

I just LOVE this pouty look Nana hooking Mia up with an up-do feeding a nut to her Dada
just LOOK at this cutie!
the chalk is HERE on my nose
I love my Nana
hanging out with her Unca Joe...both seemed to NOT want their pic taken

Some video of Mia & her Unca Joe, but mostly playing with Bubba:


Anonymous said...

LOL! Joe is straight out of American History X