Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cuties photo shoot

Bag O' Cuties

Early (8am!) we met up with Stephanie, owner and creator of CurlyQ Cuties monsters, her kiddo, Roarke, primo photographer, Bonnie Berry, and an other mama, Tre and her lil one, Cooper. Bonnie wanted an urban gritty feel for Stephanie's Cuties, and she picked out the best spots.

not THIS gritty!

Mia was shy at was pretty chilly, but warmed up after a while. Roarke was awesome, and lil 10 month old Cooper was super cute. They all took turns posing with a Cutie. It was fun. Bonnie made them all feel so comfortable. I can't wait to see the pics. This was a commercial layout for the Cuties, and I believe that the shots will be on Stephanie's Cuties site as well as Bonnie's photography site.

I tried so very much to keep my inner stage mom in check, and I think I did pretty well. I did 'help' a little, and felt a little embarrassed about my lack of control. It turned out pretty darn well, as Bonnie offered me a job as her asst at weddings! How cool is that?!?! As I was driving home, I remembered that I used to assist a photographer down in the valley. They did mostly school pics, and some studio portraits. I did a lot of behind the scenes work like sorting and numbering (before digital cameras...yes, I'm that everything was on film and printed). I helped a little with positioning and worked with the light reflectors, but it was all so staged. Nothing as organic as Bonnie's work.

At the end, we were all super wiped out, but it was so worth it :) We met up with Nana & PawPAw at Sam's and made the exchange. She's going to enjoy the rest of the weekend with them. Tonight, Daryl & I are going to game night!

Here are some shots of the fun!

Roarke & Bonnie groovin' together

Bonnie snappin' Cooper & Tre

Mia, waiting patiently for her turn

a snuggle with Dada

checkin out those white shoes


what's up there, baby?

my hearts

& a smidge of video


Stephanie said...

Man! You're fast!!! Love the shots. Thanks for doing this with us. I had such a great time!

Andrea said...

Man! You got offered an assistant job with the amazing Bonnie?

I'm wildly jealous!