Friday, February 8, 2008

Let's go fly a kite

Sarah with her Dora kite

What a beautiful day for kite flying! So sunny, warm and not a cloud in the sky. Mia and I met up with the O'Mamas & O' Kiddos at Brushy Creak park to hang out and fly some kites. Since Mia got her goldfish kite from Isabel for her birthday, she was set. One problem. Mia doesn't like kites!

Oh, she loves them in books, but not up close and personal. It never occured to me how much noise a kite can make when it's wrestling with the wind. Mia cried. I thought she'd get over it. She cried. Then she sat on my lap and cried. Finally, she relaxed enough to hangout a little bit, but then the octopus kite got caught in the tree and we tried to use the goldfish kite to knock it free. This was all too much for Mia, so we passed our kite off so someone else could have fun, and we hit the pavillion for snacks.
Our kite was pretty wild. It was the loudest, zoomed around in all directions, and dived bombed every now and then. I can see how that would be daunting to a two year old. The kids played and flew kites till they were pink-cheeked at ready for a cool drink and something to eat. Everyone shared, so Mia scored a very messy PB&J. Yay Mia!

Here's a clip of Mia making shapes with her fingers while hanging on a swing: