Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

Mia had her last Gigglebytes computer class. She got so much out of it, and really has fun, so I'm thinking of registering her for the next session. She's learning many PC vocab words, mouse and keyboard usage, and has a great time with her instructor, Miss Angela.

After class, we went over to friends Martha & Bethany's home. They've never had a playdate there before, so they wanted to keep it small to see how it would work out. Juliet & Blake were there, too.

Bethany has a beautiful princess room! Her mama, Martha, hand painted many details. It was super cute. Blake loved the kitchen, Mia used a little pail as a purse and they all had their hand at coloring using colored pencils.

Oh, we met their puppy, Mylie. I would say she's about 3-4 months old, part black lab, and just the most energetic ball of fur ever. Mia was enchanted and wanted to pet and play with her. Blake was not impressed. He prefers little dogs. After a good round of playing, Mylie went back into her kennel for a nap. Mia played with one of Bethany's babies. Mia rocked, fed and burped the baby (there's video below). We just need to work on the burping part. She's pretty rough.

Martha cooked up the tastiest lunch. Tortellini with spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms in a fabulous cream sauce. Mia ate hers and then Blake's. He preferred a PB&J sandwich. Martha is sharing the recipe! Yay!

After lunch, super mama Martha brought out the sugar cookies she'd baked earlier for some decorating. She had icing, and candy eggs, Peeps and of course, sprinkles....Bethany's favorites. Mia mostly licked the icing off the knife, I mostly ate some cookies, but we came away with some very cutely decorated cookies. We brought home 3. One for each of us, but Daryl has pool and won't be home till late tonight. He may just get some cute pics to look at...if the cookies don't make it.

Mia, just came down off her sugar high and is crashed in her BGB. I'm following in suit....crashing from a sugar high and ready for a nap :)

More pics HERE (towards the end)

and a smidge of video