Monday, February 25, 2008


O'Mama Monica and her Gabriella hosted a farm animal themed playdate this morning. Mama Jillian had an appt to see her new little one by sonogram, so I volunteered to take Kayli along with us.

Two toddlers in one backseat. Interesting to say the least. Kayli was so thrilled, she squealed, then Mia squealed. This HAD to be stopped! Monica lives in South Austin, so two squealing toddlers on a 30 min car ride was NOT going to work. I pulled out the big guns and turned on the Barney video AND put on a kid song CD. It worked :)

Included in Monica's directions was the following:We are on the second cul-de-sac with a Ron Paul sign in our front yard.I let Daryl know just what kind of friends Mia was playing with. He loved it. Ron Paul ROCKS!

Silly Izzy & Skye

They had a full house with Mia, Kayli & me, Dawn, Ava & Gavin, Courtney & Izzy, Leah Ann, Allie & Liam, Kristi & Skye. It was crazy fun. The kids played great together, and the mamas chatted well together :) Gabriella was on task by bringing out her farm animal puppets and if to say 'this is an EIEIO playdate!' It just flowed so well, we never got to the animals.

Leah Ann with her Liam & Allie...Kayli is after the balloon

Allie I LOVE this shot of Kristi

Gabriella gave Mia a lollipop on the way out. Mia hearts Gabriella even more now :) Gabriella even said 'thanks for coming'. She's a big girl...older than 3. Kayli fell asleep before we were out of the neighborhood. Mia just chilled with her lollipop. Sometime on the way home she misplaced it, but I found it on her BUTT!

More pics here