Monday, February 25, 2008

The end of the weekend

Daryl and I had a wonderful weekend together. We're so grateful for his parents. Mia was theirs from Saturday noon till last night when we went out to Dripping Springs to get her.

Mia playing with her Memaw's spoon collection

We LOVE going out there. It's always so calm and relaxing. I was so relaxed that I went to the back room and had a fabulous nap. Boo has been wearing me out lately. Tom fixed up his super tasty chicken chow mein. Mia is just in heaven over there. Nana & Pawpaw are always so loving and doting. Mia just runs around like she owns the place.

She loves to feed Bubba and Bug...the dogs, feed the chickens, and PawPaw even has a tin can with deer corn that they feed the deer with. He just shakes that can and the deer come around for a snack. Mia experiences so much when she's out there. Oh, they feed the fish in the pond and watch the frogs scatter and jump in. Pawpaw and Nana swing her for hours..literally HOURS.
She does get an occasional cookie, but her Nana & Pawpaw buy organic fruit and veggies, and give her super healthy snacks and meals. If only I could eat that well! One thing that Daryl and I appreciate so much is that they follow are rules for her. When we drop her off, I let then know what's been going on with her (tantrums, fragility, whining...) and what we've been doing about it. They happily follow our lead, so Mia doesn't get any mixed messages. When we got out there yesterday, Mia was at the tail end of a 2 1/2 hour nap. Nana & PawPaw were a little nervous. She'd never napped that long, but they had just worn her out extra well :) Mia was very happy to see her Mama & Dada :) She played and ran around the house. I, needed a nap, so Dee watched her while I got in a good long nap. I woke up to dinner being ready...I love the timing.

wearing her Dada's glasses

After a few hours of being there, we packed up and gave out our hugs and kisses. Mia talked and talked in the car, then she just passed out when she got into her Big Girl Bed.



Anonymous said...

That last picture just melts your heart.