Friday, February 15, 2008

Everyone needs an adjustment every now and then

Mia's pal, Kayli, reads with Ita

This morning, Jillian and Kayli came over to play before we had to take Ita to the airport. Mia shared her Ita very well. Kayli was able to sit on Ita's lap for a story, play peek-a-boo on the sofa, and hang out with Ita. Mia was GREAT. Jillian, really needs to get out of the house more! She put Kayli's pj pants on her head and made funny faces. What a silly goose! Then Mia and I took Ita to the airport. Mia was able to see a plane pretty close up. She thought it was pretty cool. It was hard to see Ita go, but we had a great visit. I just hope next time I'll be in a better mood.

After Mia's nap, we went to Dr. Harry's office. Dr. Harry is husband to O'Mama Courtney and Daddy to Mia's buddy, Izzy. He's a chiropractor. I hadn't been adjusted in soooo long, it was FABULOUS! They have a kids club where kids get adjusted free when they come with a parent who gets adjusted. Dr. Harry is VERY interested in Mia's's very rare, and he's never worked with a patient who has it. I'm going to email her x-rays, and she'll probably get adjusted the next time I go...early next week :) This tis the prescription he gave me: I need to stop wearing flip-flops...need shoes with arch support, need to exercise, increase my omega-3's and switch to a liquid prenatal vitamin. The best thing about his practice is that it's extremely child friendly. Mia really dug this little pull a long doggie that made noises, and Miss Angela even gave Mia some colors and coloring sheets. Apparently, in Cookie Monster's coloring page, C is for Chiropractor :)