Sunday, March 2, 2008

first trip to POC in '08

There's always a lot of fun to be had at the coast house in Port O'Connor. Mia played bominoes...that's dominoes with a 'b'. Ran around with Nana & Paw Paw on the deck, and listened to the wind chimes. Saturday evening, after dinner at Clark's, Mia made sure her Nana's face was COVERED in lotion. Mia just needs to work on not gettin it in her EYE!

Saturday morning was so beautiful. Sunny breezy and cool. Tom, Daryl and I hit the high seas is search of the one that didn't get away :) We hit a few of our fav spots. Nothing. Then we went back through the channel into the bays. Jackpot! I caught a monster of a Black Drum. Tom estimated he was about 50 inches long and weighed about 55 lbs! He was too big to drag into the boat without causing the fish some serious stress. Since he was way too big to keep anyway (against the law and too old, so he's be full of worms. Yuck!), we let him loose to find a nice girl fish and make some babies that will be a nice size next year.

Tom & Daryl caught a couple of gafftops...and we called it a day :) Oh, Daryl was able to fish out some trash from the water. We found an old lawn chair floating by, and picked it up to toss it in the trash. We called it Daryl's Catch of the Day :)

The best thing about fishing, is coming home to a happy baby waiting for us on the deck with her super Nana :)
That evening, we all went down to Clark's for some yummy supper, and Mia said that she 'found' the water. She was soooo excited. The guys spotted a cool looking jelly fish that Mia called a jelly bean.

Sunday morning, we all went down for a boat ride. Mia was all set in her Go! Diego! Go! life vest. She was thrilled. Mia drove the boat with her Paw Paw and her Nana showed her how to toot the horn. We found a nice spot that was filled with bottle-nosed dolphin! We followed them around and they actually played with us a little. Mia..well, we ALL loved it!

While the guys cleaned up the boat, Mia sat on a bench and fished with her little Barbie pole they got her last summer. They took the fake fish off, and put on a hook, baited it with a shrimp and plopped it in. Mia was loving it till she felt a tug. That freaked her out and she dropped the pole. Nana was quick and grabbed it before it fell in the water. Mia said the fished tickled. I sat next to them and fished a while. The perch were digging all the shrimp we had. They are just little robbers. Finally I hooked a larger one. Mia laughed and said it was dancing. He was little, so we let him go, but Mia saw her mama catch a fish :)
More pics HERE

Black Drum video ( *These fish tire after a while and just seem to give up...that's why he looked so bad when I finally reeled him in)


Fun at the house

Swimming Jelly Bean

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Mia goes boating

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