Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fun & Doctors

How is it Thursday already?

Monday, Mia and I hit the shops for ballerina gear. She's now ready for dance class this Saturday. She has a leotard, tights, ballet shoes and a ballet bag. She loves it all, but for some reason detests the bag. Hmmm

That afternoon, we went to Dr Harry's office. I got my wonderful adjustment. Seriously, I haven't had any back or shoulder pain since I started going. Life sure is better when you aren't in pain. Well, Dr Harry played with Mia for about half and hour to warm her up, then he actually got an x-ray of her hemivertabrae with little fuss. Mia then received her first adjustment. She's been going through a crazy growth spurt lately, and she's become a little tilted because if it. It's really effected her balance. She's been so clumsy, and has hurt herself, just from all the falling. Well, after the adjustment, she's been right as rain. Yay! :)

Mia's really taken to wearing Daryl's Big Bad Wolf Mask he wore on Halloween. She was so freaked out by it for the longest time, and I actually have no idea why it's still laying around, but it's Mia's new favorite toy.
Tuesday Mia and I went to the airport and picked up her Ita! It's been such a great visit. Ita has now witnessed Mia's terrible two routine....shes', at times, a fussy, whiny, quick-tempered, tantrum throwing, defiant two year old. It's not all the time, but it is a lot of the time. Daryl and I have strategies in place, and they're working pretty well. Ita was shocked! She almost didn't recognize her. Mia had a fun time playing with all the LoterĂ­a supplies Ita brought up. Later in the month, I'll be hosting a game night. Yesterday, Mia had her PC class, and she LOVED it!!! Ita signed her up for two more months. She knows what the following are; a mouse, mouse pad, keyboard, monitor, CPU, docking station, CD Rom, CD Rom drive,'s crazy. Miss Angela has some fun software built just for Mia's age. Later, we went to Fry's to purchase Reader Rabbit. Mia LOVES it.

While Ita was getting her hair done, Mia and I hopped over to The Omelettry for some yummy blueberry pancakes. I love when they provide a mug of crayons and BLANK paper. We can draw whatever we want regardless of lines. I had a fun time drawing a pear that I found on the oil cloth. Later, Mia also had fun 'driving' my car. She's quite proud of how she can push all the buttons and honk the horn with her head.
Oh, in the afternoon, Mia had her 2 year well check with Dr Eady. This was our first meeting with Dr Eady, and it went pretty well. This is what we now know:

1. Mia's finger chewing/sucking is for self soothing
2. Mia's ready for 2% milk
3. Mia's spells of 'far away' looks are actually Absence Seisures (click link to read all about it)

Mia was current with her vaccines, so Yay! no shots! Dr Eady did see that Mia has a mild ear infection in her left ear. We're going to see if it gets better, if not, then antibiotics :)

This morning, we went to swim class. Mia did very well, and had a blast with her teacher. Miss Glena was trying to demonstrate to Mia how to take a deep breath and hold it. Well, Mia thought that was hilarious, and had a hard time swimming because she was laughing so much. Now, THAT'S a great class!

Wolf, ballerina & frog