Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jump Around!

We left Mel's almost 2 hours ago and I still have House of Pain's Jump Around in my head :)

O'Mama Melanie & her super awesome Grayson hosted a Dance Party playdate. Mel, following Andrea H's advice :), invited 10 people thinking that about 2 would drop out at the last minute. Nope! We all wanted to hang with Mel & Grayson....we don't get to very often since Mel's a super cool school librarian and thinks that going to work is more important than hanging with cool O'Mamas.

Mama Gale & her Che get their groove on

The house was full of kiddos and Mamas ready to have fun...and fun is what we had, in spades. Mel put on a few dance songs every now and then to get things going. The kids loved spinning and dancing. Then for her grande finale, she pulled out Sandra Boynton's Barnyard Dance (one of our favs) That brought the house down. All the kids, and most mamas were acting out the twirls, hops and Cole & Mia held hands to promenade, but they just stood there looking all cute and stuff.
Grayson has some choice toys. All the trucks, blocks and the wooden sandwich making set were hits, but hands down the best of all was the Rody donkey. It was the best and all the kids just loved it. I may be on the way to Toy Joy for one, too :)
Mia played blocks with Christen and Aidan. Then Andrea and MIa got into the scarves...Austin, too.

We can't wait for Summer vacation, so we can hang with Mel & Grayson more often!

Here's a clip of the fun: