Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Greyson!!!

Melanie, Tim & Greyson invited all the O'Mamas to help celebrate on Saturday afternoon. It was a perfect day, a great park, and just a wonderful time.

Mia drawing her hand print on Greyson's birthday card (taken by me)

Greyson the Birthday Boy (taken by Bonnie)

Bonnie's Sam gnawing my hand off (taken by Daryl) Mia sharing her mama's lap with Sophia (taken by Andrea) Mia picked out hers (taken by Bonnie)
Mmmmm (also taken by Bonnie)
isn't this a sweet one of Mia? (yup! Bonnie took this one, too)
Simply beautiful (another great shot by Bonnie)


Andrea said...

Aren't photos FUN??!