Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Some days really surprise me

Today was so full of things to do, that when I woke up this morning, I pretty much prepared to just get it all done with as little fuss as possible.

Surprise! It was a super easy and fun day!!!

I met Stephanie at ATA Black Belt Academy this morning to trade money for a monster (a sweet one with a flower on her tummy for birthday girl Bethany). She was there with her home school group (and Roarke & Cole)for a trial self defence class for the kids and mamas. Mia and I were very warmly welcomed to the class. Mia ran around with Cole, while Stephanie and I broke boards with our hands and elbows...yes, we are that good! Then off to Target for 2 stuffed animals for the Critters for Crisis drive that Doc Harry is participating in. They were the ticket for free adjustments for me and Mia...Daryl's going Friday afternoon. Mia also picked out her Easter basket and a new puzzle. (no the Target saleswoman that was so rude yesterday, was not there!) I put her down for an early nap. This was the part that I thought would be hard. I had to put her down early so we could make our 2pm appt with Doc Harry. Thanks to the Tae Kwon Do and running around at Target, she fell fast asleep. I was able to finish a project for work...that's always good. Once up, we hopped over to Doc Harry's for our adjustments. Mia's been going through a growth spurt, and because of her hemivertibrae, it makes her crooked and off balance....lots of falls later, she got adjusted and has been great since. He's soooo awesome with Mia. He actually adjusted her while she was busy picking out stickers with Miss Angela. I love sneaky doctors :)
Last stop Bethany's 3rd birthday party! We got there a little early and it was pouring cats and dogs, but Martha helped us out with a warm towel (fresh out of the dryer....). Mia and I got to go up with Mama Martha to wake up princess Bethany from her sleep. You know we see our friends all the time, but there's something special about how a kid looks right when she/he wakes up.
Juliet & Blake, Ashley & Michael, and Kathy with her Julian and Clara were all there, too. Martha had the place all decked out with streamers (even from the ceiling fan...Mia really loved that) and balloons. We all snacked and had some yummy princess cupcakes with the birthday girl. Mia actually did a little craft of glueing fruit loops to a flower cutout...she ate more than glued...but that's all part of it. It was a great time. Then home to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary! My sweetheart came home with his arms full of roses, irises, calla lilies, two cards (one funny & one so touching that I bawled like a baby...he loves doing that to me!) and one very nice box of chocolates. We ordered in Chinese food and I even got some sizzling rice soup (kind of hard to come by). Gotta run, a very wet and nakie baby just ran out of the bathroom with her daddy chasing her with a towel and a diaper. Good times.

Some pics from our first wedding


Stephanie said...

I didn't know yesterday was your anniversary. You never said anything. Happy Anniversary!!!!

Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary Mama! You and your honey make a great couple.