Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fun in the Sun

First Mia and I gardened yesterday. Second Mia and I met up with some wonderful O'Mamas and their kiddos and made suncatchers.
Mia loves bugs. She calls rolly pollys, rolly bugs. She knows she can look at bugs, ants and spiders, but not touch them. She should tell us when she finds a new bug. When I was a nanny, one of my charges came to tell me she found a fly and wanted to sing Shoo Fly. Well, the fly turned out to be a scorpion. So, Mia's learning to tell us about all the bugs she finds.
We got new gardening gloves. While I LOVE to work with the dirt with my bare hands, with Mia being attacked by fire ants 3 times last year, I'm taking some precautions. Plus, her ladybug gloves looked so cute in the store. They were a tad too big for her, but she didn't mind. We're in the process of clearing out the flower bed in the front of the house so we can plant some flowering seeds. Since we're renting, I'm not interested in spending more than a few bucks on landscaping :)
Andrea & Sophia hosted an art playdate, and my stalking abilities paid off. The event had been full since it was posted, and I've been stalking the calendar ever since. Well, a spot opened up yesterday, and I was there to POUNCE!
Andrea was all set with brightly colored tissue paper, contact paper, scissors and yarn. It was a pretty easy craft for the kids, and everyone made some awesome suncatchers. We couldn't wait to hang them in our kitchen window. It was so easy and fun, I made one for myself and so did Gale...here she is showing her's off :)
It's always so much fun hanging out and chatting with my O'Mama pals. The kids took turns crying about something or other, but everyone had a fabulous time!!!! We really do love Andrea's art playdates. ~~~~~~~

Mia also had her first try at Hi Ho Cherry-O! yesterday. She loved to count the cherries and was actually pretty good about letting her Mama have a turn.

Video of our gardening (super cute but a little long)

Mia's first try at Hi Ho Cherry-O!


Andrea said...

I'm glad you have terrific pouncing abilities.