Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Auntie M

Sunday, we went over to Auntie M's place to help celebrate her birthday, but before that, we went to Snip-its. Mia was in the need of a bang cut...a good bang cut, and I just didn't have it in me. It's become a fight....a fight I'd rather she have with someone else. The place is all decked out for kids. Miss Julie was amazing, and even while Mia was throwing a fit, she received a pretty awesome cut. Oh, don't worry, she got a lollipop after that, and was fine as wine in an instant.
Then over to the other Gleinser household. Cousin Gwen got a new climber slide, so the girls took turns and had a ball. It got a little chilly, so we took the party inside.
Nana, Paw Paw and Memaw came over, too. Nana was tickled to have her two granddaughters on her lap. Gwen threw herself into her Paw Paw's arms...his heart melted shortly there after. Later, Gwen tried to put one of her itty bitty shoes on him...it fit on his big too. He tried to walk around in it....what a silly Paw Paw will do for their precious granddaughter.
At one point I let Gwen take a couple of snaps with my camera. Most came out way too blurry, but she got a pretty good one of her Daddy scratching his head like a monkey :) The adults visited and played with the kids, the kids played and we all snacked on crackers and cheese :) Melissa opened her gifts...with the help of two little ones that are all about the tissue paper. We all had a wonderful time, and look forward to spending another year with the birthday girl.

Many more pics HERE...remember to go backwards :) unless you want to see a whole month of pics.