Friday, January 25, 2008


We had a O' Mama playdate over at Interstate Bowling Lanes this morning. We meet up with Courtney & Izzy, Monica & Gabriella, Allison & Sarah, Amy & Cassidy & a mama friend of Courtney's & her 3 kids.
This was Mia's first time to bowl, but it won't be her last. She had a fabulous time looking at all the lights, and watching the grown-ups in other lanes bowl. Our lanes were set up with bumpers (no chance of a gutter ball) and ramps (the balls need some force of speed to get them down the Mia dug the bumpers, but NOT the ramps. She some how knew that using a ramp was wrong. So, she pushed her ball down, and it did take FOREVER, but it got down there and knocked down some pins. Pal Izzy is an old pro, and used the ramps like a champ. Mia watched her and after a while decided that ramps may not be bad after all. The balls were only 6 pounds, so the kids were able to maneuver them with out help, but since Mia was the youngest, Izzy helped set her balls up for her.

Then it was snack time. I love greasy bowling lane food. We shared a buttery crusty grilled cheese sandwich, and some popcorn. Mia shared her sandwich and popcorn. That's one thing that's wonderful about bowling, you learn to share your ball and wait your turn. The kids did really well at that.
While Mia was snacking, it was her turn, but she couldn't part with her sandwich, so I went for her. Ok, that ball was super light and only the tippy tips of my fingers fit in the holes, but I still got a strike...without bumpers! :) The next round I went again, and got a spare...this time the bumpers came in handy :) It was a fabulous way to spend a rainy morning. We all had a great time, and have figured that we need a bowling Mom's Night Out. Yay!

Gabriella & her Mama, Monica, bowl

Cassidy & her mama, Amy, bowl, too Sarah waites to bowl



Hill Country Blogger said...

If she is like her dad then she'll be racking up the circuits here soon. I think you two can retire soon :P